Upcoming Games

  • Kabammm! (Foxmind). A speedy pattern recognition game, where you get to yell a lot of super hero sounds “Kapow! Slam! Zap!”
  • PickPic (Mandoo Games). Inspired by Dixit, but you are associating images with each other – and everybody is equally in focus each round.
  • Into the Machine (AEG). A new take on worker placement. The workers are robots and the goal is to upgrade these, build new ones and finally combine them to three megabots.
  • Gardeners (Sit Down). A real-time cooperative game, where you build a garden together in silence. But each player has different rules and goals, that must be obtained.
  • Magic Maze Puzzles (Sit Down). An extremely condensed version of Magic Maze with pre-prepared puzzles, that you have to solve cooperatively. Without speaking at any time!
  • The Machine (LudiCreations) You are workers building the machine that are going to replace yourself. Kind of a tough situation.
  • Towers (Deep Print Games). A game that introduces a new auction mechanism.
  • I may have a game coming out with Plan B, but it depends on the succes/failure of another game. Long story.