Magic Maze: Maximum Security

Maximum Security is the first expansion for Magic Maze.

It has 13 new modules that you can add to the base game. Some of the modules add new challenges, others will help you.
The challenges are:

  • Guards. You move these around just as you move the heroes, but they can never be on the same tile as a hero, so you have to puzzle your way around them. One enters from the start, other only enter after you steal the items.
  • Sensor Tower. Guards and item. You have to move a hero to a specific spot in order to turn the tower.
  • The Beholder. Guards an entire tile. You have to move heroes to specific spots in order to move the beholder in a specific direction.
  • The guard room. If heroes are caught (by mistake probably), they are brought to the guard room. You must use a code or a hero special power to get them out.

The helping modules are:

  • Anti-stress tokens: Use these to turn the sand timer (1 time), swap action tiles between players (2 times) or be allowed to speak (3 times).
  • Ventilation shafts: The dwarf can open up two secret passages from anywhere to anywhere that can be used by all heroes.
  • Wall breach: The barbarian can knock down walls.
  • Spells: The wizards get’s two random spells for each scenario.
  • Telekinesis: The elf can do some re-arranging of the mall tiles.
  • Map spaces: When a hero uses this space, you may explore all the explore spaces of the hero’s color.
  • Auto-explore: Some explore spaces can be explored automatically.
  • Control room: If you get into this room, you can give orders to the guards.


When you play with the expansion, the “exploring” part of the game will be speeded up, but you will need to do a lot more planning to get to the items and to escape. So you must use your “speaking time” well.


Here’s a (funny) recommendation video by Shut up & Sit down:

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